The Washington Times - November 19, 2011, 12:44PM

A selection of my 140-character musings on Twitter (@dandalyonsports) for those of you who don’t follow me (yet):



Redskins-Dolphins Game (Live)

Here in Miami for the #Redskins’ game against the #Dolphins. Hope they count points in Florida better than they do presidential ballots.

I’m pretty sure Reggie Bush leads #NFL backs in highest ratio of Twitter followers to rushing yards. #Redskins #NFL

FYI: Mike Shanahan has twice won games w/o scoring a touchdown — in ’88 and ’06 #NFL

Refs just waived off defensive interference. Once they determined Grossman threw the pass, they knew it had to be uncatchable. #Redskins

Definition of insanity: Starting Rex Grossman over and over again and expecting different results. #Redskins

Which is the bigger surprise, #Redskins followers: That Jason Taylor just sacked Rex Grossman, or that he was actually active today?

Patriots-Jets Game (TV)

That’s 18 career TD catches, by the way, by Gronkowski — the most in #NFL history by a TE in his first 2 seasons. Ditka had 17. #Patriots

I love how NBC shows a shot of Times Square — and then back to the game in the New Jersey swampland. #Patriots #Jets #NFL


I blame myself for Hankerson’s injury. I made the mistake of mentioning him in the same tweet yesterday with Malcolm Kelly. #Redskins

When Barry Cofield says the #Redskins’ season could get “historically ugly,” keep in mind the team record for consecutive losses is 17.

It was 1960-61 #Redskins who set that dubious mark of 17 straight defeats. The QBs of record were Ralph Guglielmi, Eagle Day and Norm Snead.


You know what would be funny? If the #Texans signed Kellen Clemens to replace Matt Schaub, and he led them to the Super Bowl. #Redskins

What is it about the words “healthy scratch” that always make me laugh?

Rodgers has had a 140+ passer rating in 3 straight games. Amazingly, Warner did it in his 2nd, 3rd and 4th #NFL starts.

Another QB who had a 140+ rating 3 games in a row: Staubach while leading the #Cowboys to the title in ’71. #NFL

Love hockey, but also love Gene Shue’s line about hockey play-by-play: “It’s like a description of one continuous mistake.” #Caps #Bullets


My son Danny wonders whether C.J. Wilson will pull a Sabathia and change his name to CJ if he signs with the #Yankees#Rangers

The only way Armen Keteyian’s “interview” with Mike McQueary could have been worse is if it had been held in Al Capone’s vault. 

Mark Brunell has been playing Tim Tebow in practice as the #Jets prepare for the #Broncos. Spot on, too — except for the walker. #Redskins

The #NFL’s rushing leader (Fred Jackson) and receiving leader (Wes Welker) weren’t drafted. When did that happen last, 1935? #Bills #Pats

If the #Redskins are looking for offensive line help, I’d just like to point out that Todd Coffey isn’t doing anything. #Nationals

The #Redskins have had at least two turnovers in 8 of their first 9 games. That hasn’t happened  in, oh, 35 years. 


Jets-Broncos Game (TV)

Explain to me why Reggie Bush, who gave up his Heisman and has been nothing special as a pro, is doing a Pizza Hut commercial. #Dolphins #NFL

Near as I can tell, Cassius Vaughn, who just ran that KO back 67 yards for the #Broncos, is the first Cassius in #NFL history. #FeetofClay

What does Brian Orakpo have in common with former #Redskins Dana Stubblefield and Chris Mims? Answer in next tweet.

Answer to previous tweet: They all had 10 or more sacks as rookies — Orakpo 11, Stubblefield (w/ SF) 10.5, Mims (w/ SD) 10. #Redskins

I was impressed with John Fox on that sideline play. He showed a lot more elusiveness than Sean Payton. #Broncos #Saints

Hey, #Broncos. The Canton Bulldogs want their playbook back. #NFL #Jets

I can live with this #Broncos offense, I really can. I just wish Fats Henry was doing the dropkicking for them. #NFL #Jets

Once upon a time, when somebody like Demi Moore became “available,” you could expect her to be photographed soon with Dennis Rodman. #NBA

In their next possession, I expect the #Broncos to try the Hidden Ball Trick. #Jets #NFL

If the #Broncos are trying to reinvent the wheel with this offense, I think we’re talking about a wagon wheel. #NFL #Jets

I wonder if the #Broncos know that the flying wedge has been declared illegal. #NFL #Jets

If you took the very best from Tebow and Sanchez tonight, you’d have Aaron Rodgers’ right pinky. #NFL #Jets #Broncos

Every once in a while, as I’m watching this #Broncos#Jets game, I glance at the calendar to make sure 2011 doesn’t have a B.C. after it.

Post-Shanahan #Broncos: 17-25, .405. Shanahan #Redskins: 9-16, .360. #NFL

Tune in next week, when the #Broncos beat the #Chargers 10-7 on five safeties. #NFL


I love this: The #49ers have 7 games left, and they already have more wins than the division-champion #Seahawks did last year. #NFL

Maybe somebody should remind the #Caps that these games outside the country count toward their record. #O(for 3)Canada!

Samantha Steele told Paul Rhoads he could be “elected president” after his #IowaState team shocked Okie St. Yeah, but coaching pays better.

Iowa St., which just knocked off Oklahoma St., has only had one NFL first-round pick: RB George Amundson in 1973 (14th, Houston). #Cyclones