The Washington Times - August 17, 2012, 03:03PM


Gusting wind at #PGA reminds me of what the wife of a (combed-over) buddy used to say about such conditions: “It’s really bald out today.”


I’m looking at this 17th hole at Kiawah, bear-hugged by water, and I’m thinking: This is where Pete Dye turned into Pete Die. #PGA

The way Ian Baker-Finch pronounces the word par (“pah”), he sounds like he’s from South Boston, Australia. #PGA #Kiawah

Vanity runs amuck in baseball. Here are the #Phillies, 18.5 games back, + somebody’s worrying about Hamels’ ERA.  #Nats

Wish Bob Uecker were part of the #PGA telecast. Then when Luiten missed the fairway by a mile, Bob could say, “Joost a bit outside.”


Harper just tied #Nats record for — drum roll — most RBI in game without getting a hit (2). Emilio Bonifacio, in ‘08, was last to do it.

Try to contain your excitement about that last tweet, btw. The box of Bonifacio’s game, for nostalgia’s sake:  #Nats

When Fred Lynn won the ‘75 AL MVP as a rookie, he had 126 hits through Aug. 10. That’s how many Mike Trout has… . #Angels #MLB #RedSox

Lynn through Aug. 10: 378 AB, 126 H, 31 2B, 6 3B, 18 HR, 82 RBI, 45 BB, 7 SB, .333 BA, .404 OBP, .590 slug, .994 OPS. #Angels #MLB #RedSox

Trout through Aug. 10: 365 AB, 126 H, 21 2B, 5 3B, 21 HR, 65 RBI, 38 BB, 36 SB, .345 BA, .407 OBP, .603 slug, 1.010 OPS. #Angels #MLB #RedSox

I’ve decided to go through the rest of my life wearing a yellow no-contact jersey. #Redskins #NFL

Not much at stake for Vijay Singh in the #PGA. He’s already the oldest Fijian to win a major. And youngest. And tallest. And shortest. Etc.

Can’t decide if those storm clouds have gathered over Kiawah or just over #Tiger#PGA #LeakingOil

During the weather delay, CBS is rebroadcasting the 2009 #PGA (Y.E. Yang 70, #Tiger Woods 75). Heck, I didn’t want to watch it the 1st time.

FYI: If Usain Bolt ran a marathon at the same speed he ran the 100 meters (9.63) it would take him 1:07:43.38 to complete it. #Olympics

Wonder how long it would take to run a marathon if you ran it at the same speed as Bryce Harper’s home run trot. #Olympics #Nats

Zim just showed why you should slide into 2B on your butt rather than your belly (which #Nats love to do). Easier to go to 3B on bad throw.

Never mind Strasburg. Maybe I should write a column on all the pitchers in baseball you WISH would be shut down after 180 innings. #Nats #MLB

Book idea: Confessions of a Pitcher’s Glove. All you’d need is one mitt to spill his guts on all the stuff a hurler says into it. #MLB #Nats

A double-switch has always sounded to me like something a really mean Dickens character would use to punish somebody. #Nats

Going back to last September, the #Nats have had road winning streaks of 9, 8 and 6 games — the 3 longest since they came here in ‘05. #MLB


Chad Johnson on “Hard Knocks”: “I promise I’m getting arrested while we’re off.” His nameplate for the next game should read: KRESKIN. #NFL

For the record, Rory #McIlroy has won the U.S. Open (2011) and led after 54 holes in the Masters (‘11) and now the #PGA. And he’s 23.

#Tiger on Moving Day (3rd round) in his last 7 majors: 73, 72, 74, 72, 75, 70, 74. Aggregate score: 10 over. Rounds under par: 0. #PGA

#Tiger used to win majors. Now he sorta hangs around in them. It’s almost like he’s turned into Sergio. #PGA

#Dolphins to Chad Johnson: You’re not good enough to be high maintenance anymore. (Same goes for T.O.) #NFL #Bengals #Patriots

The 1st review of my book, “The National Forgotten League,” is in. (Much thanks to Library Journal.) Read it here.  #NFL


Re: Usain Bolt’s #NFL prospects … Jim Hines, the last 100m gold medalist to play in #NFL, caught 2 passes.  #Fins

Of course, Bob Hayes, the ‘64 100m champ, is in Canton, so I guess that balances out Hines (1968).  #NFL #Fins #Cowboys

And as Shanny will tell you, Ed McCaffrey, ex-#Broncos WR, married the daughter of David Sime, 1960 100m silver medalist. #NFL #Redskins


 The #Giants have been outscored 9-0 since Bruce Bochy was ejected. They obviously miss his bench presence. #Nats #MLB

Which makes me wonder: What’s the worst loss a team has ever suffered after its manager was tossed? Elias? Anybody? #Nats #Giants #MLB

I’m guessing this is the last time a Washington team led a San Francisco team 14-0.  #Nats #Giants #MLB

Maybe, to lighten things up after the game, the #Giants will challenge the scorer’s call on Michael Morse’s infield single. #Nats #MLB

There should be a law that says: No guy 30 or older is allowed to wear his cap backwards, even if he and his wife are childless.

Keep waiting for them to come out with “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being a Complete Idiot.”

Since 1930, only 2 #MLB players have had 200 hits in a season at age 38 or older — Molitor + Rose. Jeter’s on pace for 217. #Yankees #Reds


Between 1922 and ‘64, the only perfect game was Don Larsen’s in the ‘56 Series. And now there have been 2 at Safeco Field in 4 months. #MLB


What the shutdown might mean to Strasburg: He ends up being Michael Collins, orbiting the moon, while rest of team gets to walk on it. #Nats

Btw, if the #Nats let Strasburg pitch 180 innings, he could get 7 more starts — giving him a shot at 20 wins. (He’s 14-5 now.) … #MLB

Only two 20-game winners have pitched less than 200 innings: Pedro Martinez in ‘02 (20-4, 199.1) and Bob Grim in ‘54 (20-6, 199). #Nats #MLB

The #Nats have the best record in baseball despite playing more road games than anybody (64). Remaining: 27 home, 17 away. #MLB


When he’s done expounding on Stephen Strasburg, I’m anxious to hear Rob Dibble’s ideas on the economy. #Nats #MLB

Funniest thing about Dibble yapping that Strasburg can’t get to 7th inning is that Rob never pitched more than 3.2 in his #MLB career. #Nats