The Washington Times - August 31, 2012, 11:39AM


This percolating #RedSox-#Dodgers deal, six weeks from the end of the season, is such a #Lakers thing to do. #Magic


Gonzalez has pitched 35 times this year + is still 0-0. Most appearances in a season w/o a decision: Trever Miller, ‘07 #Astros, 76. #Nats


Now that he’s a Dodger, I’m guessing Josh #Beckett swears off clubhouse beer … and replaces it with a nice Chardonnay. #MLB #RedSox

Just wondering: If you win the #FedExCup on the #PGATour, do you get free covered parking at #Redskins home games? #NFL

Instead of coming back with the #Astros, maybe Roger #Clemens should enter the Tour de France. #MLB #Lance

At FedExField waiting for Andrew Luck + #RG3 to resume reinventing the wheel — or whatever they’re supposed to be doing. #Redskins #Colts

Reggie Wayne, the brother Bruce never talks about, with a 21-yard reception to the Indy 41. #Redskins #Colts #NFL

#RG3 has gone deep 3 times now (without success). Might not lead Luck in passing yards, but leads in Yards the Ball Is in the Air.

#RG3 might not have connected on any deep throws, but his arm strength was evident. Rest assured opponents will respect it. #Redskins #Colts

Alfred Morris fits the profile of a Mike Shanahan RB. He carried 12 times in 1st half, + after each 1 he made it back to huddle. #Redskins

Too bad LaVon Brazill is WR instead of an OG. Then he could wear a jersey that says: Brazill 66. #Colts #Redskins #NFL


With release of Cooley, only 3 #Redskins offensive players, by my count, predate Shanahan: Moss, Davis and Armstrong (‘09 practice squad).

Make that 4 offensive players that predate Shanny. RT @SportingParagon Will Montgomery, UDFA with Zorn.

What would be even funnier is if Cooley wound up with the #Ravens. Cooley for Cundiff, even up. How would that sit with #Redskins fans?

Hard to believe Cooley, at 30, doesn’t have some good football left, even if it’s just as a complementary player. #Redskins #NFL

Most receptions by a TE since Cooley entered the #NFL (2004): Gonzalez 681, Witten 661, Gates 569, Winslow 437, Cooley 428.

The reason Cooley wasn’t as revered outside of D.C. as he was here is that this is the Golden Age of Tight Ends. #Redskins #NFL

Clinton Portis retired 77 rushing yards shy of 10,000. Cooley is 72 catches shy of 500. Wonder if he can get there. #Redskins #NFL

FYI: Cundiff had connected on 12 of 13 FG tries in the playoffs before his miss at the end of the AFC title game… . #Redskins #NFL

FYI, Part 2: Inside of 50 yards, Cundiff is 53 for 59 the past two seasons — an 89.8 percent success rate. #Redskins #NFL

The #Redskins have had 2 kickers under contract in the last 3 seasons who’ve kicked 7 FGs in a game — Cundiff + Shayne Graham (2010). #NFL

I mention this because the #Redskins record for FGs in a game is 5 — most recently by Shaun Suisham in this game:  #NFL


Not saying this last preseason game is a low priority for #Redskins, but wouldn’t be surprised if they accepted volunteers from the stands.

Don’t know which is sadder — that #NFL will use replacement officials in Week 1 or that there are enough zebras willing to be replacements.

FYI: This is the 3rd preseason game Jim Core and his replacement crew have worked. There were no fatalities in the first 2. #Redskins #Bucs

Looking at this (small) crowd at FedEx, I’m waiting for the P.A. guy to announce that the game has been moved to the Ellipse. #Redskins #Bucs

This talk about Vick and his new flak jacket reminds me of an #SI story in ‘79 about #Oilers QB Dan Pastorini.  #Eagles

When they were still in Boston, the #Redskins played regular season games on Wednesday in ‘33 (at Pittsburgh), ‘34 and ‘35 (at Detroit).

In each instance, the #Redskins played 3 games in 8 days (Sunday-Wednesday-Sunday). So it was in the #NFL‘s beginnings.

#Redskins band member I followed into the stadium was miffed at having his instrument case checked by a bomb-sniffing dog… . #Bucs

I told him, “You can’t be too sure these days. Especially with French horns — or as I like to call them, Freedom horns. #Redskins #Bucs

Tonite’s game will be considered a success for the #Redskins as long as the words ligament, hamstring + dislocated don’t show up in stories.

Been a tough week for #Redskins legends. Cooley cut, + now Dan Snyder is hosting a non-Joe Gibbs driver in his private box (Earnhardt Jr.).

My sincerest hope: That this game doesn’t seem longer than the 11 days between now the #Redskins‘ opener at New Orleans. #Bucs #NFL

Wonder how many six-packs the concessions folks ordered for this game. #Redskins #Bucs #NFL

The MVP of this #Redskins#Bucs game, by the way, will henceforth be known as Mr. Wednesday Night. #NFL

The thing about Brandon Banks as a WR is that you could accuse him of short-arming every catch because, well, he’s got short arms. #Redskins

Obviously, the #Redskins‘ game plan tonight is Make Everybody Forget Graham Gano. Cundiff: 2 field goals, 3 touchbacks. #Bucs #NFL

The difference between today’s #NFL and the NFL of yore (i.e. the ‘50s)? Today’s NFL: replacement officials. ‘50s NFL: replacement teeth.

Confession: During the timeout in the #Redskins game, I watched a replay of Bryce Harper’s 2-run jack in Miami. #Nats

If somebody would just kick out the plug on the stadium lights, I’m sure everybody would be willing to cut the game short. #Redskins #Bucs

Was this the last 2-HR game by a 19-year-old (before Bryce’s)? It came in ‘96 World Series. Andruw Jones.  #Nats #MLB

Who would have guessed before this preseason that Kirk Cousins would throw 73 passes and #RG3 would throw 31? #Redskins #Bucs #Baylor


My column on one of the 19-year-old CF who hit two HR in a game … and lived in Alexandria VA for 25 years.  #Nats

Here’s the game in ‘62 when 19-year-old #WhiteSox CF Brian McCall hit two HR. He never got another #MLB hit.  #Nats

McCall is now an artist outside Pittsburgh (after living in Alexandria VA for 25 years). Check out his work:  #Nats #MLB

Edwin Jackson’s 3.53 ERA and 1.16 WHIP are better than his career lows (3.62/1.26) since he became a full-time starter. And he’s 8-9. #Nats


Final preseason pass totals: Tannehill 78, Luck 66, Wilson 63, Weeden 49, #RG3 31. All 5 rookies slated to start in Week 1. #Redskins #NFL

Kirk Cousins, by the way, threw for more yards in the preseason than any other #NFL QB — 560. #Redskins