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Just wondering: Has any male athlete ever dated a tennis player and had his career take off? #Rory #Ovie #USOpen #NHL


The USGA operates on the principle that you never need to water the greens, that blood can soften them just as well. #USOpen

Who am I? I was the 1st pick in the #NBA draft. I played on 2 championship teams. I averaged 20.8 pts/11.7 rebs in my best season. #USOpen

Answer: Mychal Thompson, who spells his name a little differently than the current #USOpen leader. #NBA #Blazers #Lakers

JT3’s #Hoyas will play Florida this year on a Navy ship off coast of Jacksonville. The winner should get a “Mission Accomplished” banner.

This 17-year-old Beau Hossler kid, who’s now tied for the #USOpen lead, played in last year’s Open at Congressional. (Missed cut.) Who knew?

Between today and tomorrow, somebody please tell #Hossler it’s OK to smile after you chip in for a birdie. #USOpen

On a couple of holes today, #Tiger has needed the flexibility of a hockey goalie to take a stance in a bunker. #USOpen

Never been a big fan of 10-shot rule, so I’m glad USGA got rid of it. I mean, if you aren’t in top 60 after 36 holes, hit the road. #USOpen

No. 23 for Adam Dunn tonight, giving him #MLB lead. He’s also a virtual shoo-in for the Most Inexplicable Previous Season Award. #WhiteSox


Stony Brook in the College World Series is a great story, but I’ll still take #GeorgeMason in the Final Four. #GMU

#Tiger tees off at 6:05 ET tonight in the #USOpen. I’m pretty sure that qualifies him for the twilight rate.

Not quite an hour and a half until the final group goes off in the #USOpenWhich of leaders is going to need a tourniquet today?

There are only 2 things I hate in this world: People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and Internationals leading the #USOpen.

(Sorry, had to borrow that line from the Austin Powers movie after Jacobsen, McDowell + Colsaerts moved into tie for 1st.) #USOpen

Webb Simpson (68) in the clubhouse at +3 . Have 2 guys with same last name ever won the #USOpen on the same course? (Scott Simpson, 1987).

Bobby Jones (Inwood, Scioto, Winged Foot, Interlachen) and Steve Jones (Oakland Hills) didn’t do it, FYI. #USOpen

After that last miss, Beau Hossler seemed to visibly age. He now looks 18. #USOpen

The hardest thing for these golfers about using a long putter is that it’s hard to decide which chin to anchor it to. #USOpen

Notice nobody has been calling Els “The Big Easy” in this telecast. They’re afraid Roger Goodell might suspend him. #USOpen #NFL

When I think of famous Belgians — a group Nicolas Colsaerts is trying to join — I think of Hercule Poirot, first and foremost. #USOpen

Of course, Hercule was just a figment of Agatha Christie’s imagination. Still, Albert Finney got an Oscar nomination for playing him. #USOpen

Re: Beau Hossler. Boris Becker won Wimbledon at 17. Other significant sports accomplishments by 17-year-old guys? #USOpen

Here’s another 17-year-old phenom (a la Hossler): Steve Cauthen. SI Sportsman of Year at 17 in ‘77, before he rode to Triple Crown. #USOpen


Something for #RG3 to shoot for: A #Baylor QB once tied #NFL record with 7 TD passes in a game — vs. the #Redskins

The QB’s name was Adrian Burk. He led the #NFL that year (1954) with 23 TD throws. (The second-place guy had 17.)

At the ballpark, where the #Nats are hoping Tim Timmons doesn’t miss any more calls today. The #Yankees really don’t need the help.  #MLB

Ivan Nova, the #Yankees‘ starter, sounds like a 1960s wrestling name. And, of course, all Ivans have to play the Bad Guy. #Nats

In 2006 the #Nats hosted the #Yankees on Father’s Day and won 3-2. The losing pitcher for the Yanks? Chien-Ming Wang.

Ryan Mattheus isn’t going to get the strikeout for you the way Brad Lidge could, but at this point it’s more about getting people out. #Nats

Northern Virginia’s favorite #Yankee, Ivan Nova, throwing his warmup pitches. #Nats #MLB

Father’s Day note: 100 years ago, Washington’s Senators didn’t even play on Father’s Day. Not even sure how widely it was celebrated. #Nats

Watching the hulking (6-4, 225) Nova on the mound makes me wonder: Who’s the best #MLB pitcher under 6 feet? Nominees? #Nats

Answering my own question: Gio Gonzalez certainly in the discussion. Listed at 6-0, but probably 5-10 or so. Wandy Rodriguez: 5-11. #Nats

@acomak suggests Kelvin (5-10) Herrera, the flamethrower in the #Royals bullpen. @masnKolko chimes in with Tim (5-11) Lincecum. #Nats

@MarkZuckerman, meanwhile, is highly dubious of Roy Oswalt’s listed height (6-0). #Nats

Suffice it to say, though, that there’s nobody like Bobby Shantz anymore. (5-6 MVP with ‘52 A’s. Went 24-7.) #Nats

3 1/2 innings into the game, there are 4 3Us on my scorecard and 1 1U. It’s Do It Yourself Day at #Nationals Park. #Nats #Yankees

I can’t decide if Webb Simpson is really in contention at the #USOpen, or if he’s just a commercial tie-in for the new Spider-Man movie.

Hossler (+9) isn’t the 1st 17-year-old to almost beat Tiger (+7) in a major. Justin Rose just missed at ‘98 British Open (+2 to +1). #USOpen

First Scott Simpson wins the #USOpen at Olympic, and now Webb Simpson is threatening to. Who’s next, Bart or O.J.?

Lowest scores on the weekend: Simpson 136, Wittenberg 137, Harrington and Spieth 139. Finished 1st, T10, T4, T21. #USOpen

The NL East went 0-5 this afternoon and scored a grand total of 4 runs. Happy Fodder’s Day. #Nats #Braves #Mets #Marlins #Phillies #MLB


Jurors in #Sandusky trial will be sequestered in hotel while they deliberate. Happily, in other words, they’ll all have their own showers.

Dickey’s 11-1 start is reminiscent of Tim Wakefield’s in ‘95 (14-1, 1.65 ERA, 6 CG). #Mets #RedSox #MLB #Knuckleballers


Maybe the #Rays will put out a bounty on whoever tattled on Joel Peralta. #Nats #MLB

Pine tar tonight, ear wax tomorrow. #Nats #Rays #MLB


What’s the greatest season by a pitcher on an innings limit? Love to know what kind of numbers Strasburg’s shooting for. #Nats #MLB

Strasburg has won 6 straight starts. Longest streaks since 2000: Verlander ‘11 and Santana ‘04, both with 12. He’s halfway there. #Nats #MLB

Most consecutive starts won in Expos/ #Nats history: Pedro Martinez ‘97 and Charlie Lea ‘83, both with 8. Stras is 3/4 of the way there. #MLB

Strasburg, btw, has already tied the #Nats record for most consecutive starts won. Livan Hernandez also won 6 straight in ‘05. #MLB

Speaking of Strasburg, 8 of his 13 starts since opener — including tonight’s — have been on MORE than 4 days’ rest. Awfully nice. #Nats

Did u see Bo Porter dodge throw to 3B tonite? Was like Catherine Zeta-Jones avoiding the lasers in “Entrapment.” #Nats


Bill James ( says Livo’s ‘08 (#Twins/ #Rockies) was 4th-worst season by P in last 60 years. #Nats

Peralta gives up a 2B to Flores. “Well, here’s another pine mess you’ve gotten us into” (to rework a line of Oliver Hardy’s). #Nats #Rays

Just wondering: Has any #Nats player tried to steal second base tonight and NOT slid headfirst? #Rays #MLB

Every time Clippard notches another save, his price goes up. Can’t you feel it? Arbitration eligible in 2013. Bring your checkbook. #Nats