The Washington Times - May 18, 2012, 10:06AM


Interesting #LeBron note: Wilt won his 1st #NBA title the year he won his 3rd MVP Award (‘67). The same goes for Moses (‘83). #Heat #76ers


#Tiger‘s golf game is like a distant radio station that sometimes comes through all static-y and sometimes can be heard clear as a bell.

Lloydminster, Braden Holtby’s hometown, is like Texarkana. Split between Alberta and Saskatchewan (rather than Texas and Arkansas). #Caps

Looks like Adam Dunn is back to being Adam Dunn (HR No. 11 tonite). Last season, it seems, he was a victim of identity theft. #Nats #WhiteSox


Two hours ‘til faceoff at Madison Square Garden. Question for #Caps fans: How long do you figure you’ll have to hold your breath tonight?

I’m offering a multiple choice on that last one: (A) 60 minutes; (B) 61-80 minutes ; (C) 81-infinity minutes. #Caps

Going into Game 7, only 4 #Caps have scored goals in the playoffs at higher rate than in regular season: Chimera, Knuble, Carlson, Green.

Upset of the Week: The biggest lump in Washington sports in the past seven days DIDN’T come in the #Caps#Rangers series. #Bryce #Nats #MLB

 Here at Madison Square Garden for the death match between the #Caps and #Rangers. Plenty of medical personnel on hand, I’m sure. #NHL

Wish one of the #Caps, in appreciation of the injured Jay Beagle, had worn the number K-9 tonight. #Rangers #NHL

Sincerely hope my column about Game 7 makes no mention of the officials. It should be all about the players tonight. #Caps #Rangers #NHL

Justin Tuck exhorting the #Rangers crowd in a video. Well, it’s been a nip and tuck series. What did you expect? #Caps #NHL

Game 6: #Caps score just 1:28 in (Ovie), lead 1-0 at end of 1st. Game 7: #Rangers score just 1:32 in (Richards), lead 1-0 at end of 1st.

The #Caps‘ postseason hasn’t featured a single empty-net goal. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Even the empty net has a 1.000 save %.

#Devils have been sitting around so long, waiting for #Caps and #Rangers to finish, that Martin Brodeur has had time to roll over his IRA.

The #Caps right now are thinking: My kingdom for a deflection. All kinds of pressure on Lundqvist. #Rangers #NHL

End of Period 2. #Rangers, 1-0. #Caps have had only 3 two-goal periods in playoffs — Game 2, 1st P vs. NY, Game 5, 2nd + 3rd P vs. #Bruins.

FWIW: In 2 of the 3 multiple-goal periods by the #Caps, Knuble scored. #Rangers #NHL

Can’t score the equalizer if you don’t shoot, #Caps. I think it’s Newton’s Fourth Law. #Rangers #NHL

The Lundqvist spell has been broken — by Roman Hamrlik on a change-up. Back to White Knuckle Time. #Rangers, 2-1. #Caps #NHL


A lit fuse is not a closer. That’s all I’m gonna say. #Nats

Here’s the thing about H-Rod: With his 100 mph arm, he’s a dragster, and a baseball season is the Coca-Cola 600. #Nats

The 1, 2, 3 and 5 hitters in the #Reds lineup today have all had 3-HR games in the last 3 seasons (Stubbs, Heisey, Votto, Bruce). #Nats


This one’s for the “Alex Ovechkin is a dirty player” crowd: 392 players this season had more penalty minutes than Ovie (26). #Caps #NHL

Dale Hunter just wants to go back to his farm — like Maximus in “Gladiator.” Can’t blame the guy. #Caps #NHL

Now that Bryce has hit his first dinger, I’m expecting the seamheads to invent a new stat: Stitches Per Homer. #Nats #MLB

 Leon out (injured), Flores in. Wouldn’t be surprised if Bryce goes over to Davey between innings + says, “Hey, I can catch, you know.” #Nats

FYI: Killebrew was 18 when he hit 1st #MLB HR in ‘55. The #Senators, being the Senators, were down 13-0 at time. #Nats

Mantle’s first HR, at 19, came off Randy Gumpert in ‘51. The next year, Gumpert was pitching for the #Senators. #Nats

First Wilson Ramos goes down, now Sandy Leon. Maybe the #Nats can talk Pudge Rodriguez into unretiring as a Ranger. #MLB

Alexander Semin’s agent: “I know there aren’t many players like Alex around.” A statement like that can be read a couple of ways. #Caps

Semin doesn’t seem particularly suited to today’s #NHL. So I’m guessing he’ll sign with the 1984 Oilers. #Caps

With two catchers hurt, I think this is what you’d call a Come To Jesus Moment for the #Nats. #MLB

Top 10 Silver Linings to Henry Rodriguez’s performance tonite: 1. At least the pitch that hit backstop didn’t fell the mascot instead. #Nats

2. Nothing bad happened to Jesus Flores, the #Nats‘ last available catcher. 3. H-Rod’s ERA actually dropped from 4.70 to 4.60… .

4. By my count, the umpire only gave him one Mercy Strike. 5. Steve McCatty’s mustache is still completely intact… . #Nats

6. All anybody will remember 10 years from now is that it was the night Bryce Harper hit his first #MLB home run… . #Nats

7. Who would have wanted to miss Will Venable’s uncontested steal of second in an 8-5 ballgame? … #Nats

8. Say this for H-Rod: He refuses to give in to hitters. 9. By walking the bases loaded, he pushed the game past the 3-hour mark… . #Nats

And finally … 10. None of his 100 mph pitches got ticketed by one of DC’s speed cameras. #Nats

Braden Holtby, 2012 playoffs: 1.95 GAA, .935 save pct. Olie Kolzig, 1998 Stanley Cup run: 1.95 GAA, .941 save pct. #Caps #NHL

Granted, Kolzig played 21 games to Holtby’s 14. But Braden played top 2 seeds in East, including defending champion #Bruins#Caps #NHL


Gonna ask our outdoors writer if Harper’s latest home run officially makes him a Bassmaster. #Nats #MLB #Padres

Just noticed I’ve gone over 8,000 tweets. When I hit 10 thou, do I qualify for a Platinum Muzzle?

When you hear agents talk the way they talk (e.g. Mark Gandler, Semin’s rep), you understand why players play the way they play. #Caps


Who am I? In 1992 I hit .304 in 303 AB and had as many 3B (14) as 2B (6) and HR (8) combined.  #MLB

Answer: Pro Football HOFer Deion Sanders, then patrolling the outfield for the #Braves.

There’s nothing wrong with LeBron that a Robert Horry wouldn’t solve. What great player wouldn’t love to have a Horry around? #NBA #Heat

If you rearrange the letters in Erik Spoelstra, you get Talkier Posers. Make of that what you will. #NBA #Heat #Pacers

It’s hard to explain what’s happening with the #Kings except to say that, since they’re from L.A., it must be cosmetic surgery. #NHL #Caps

#Pacers leading #Heat by 20. And they didn’t even need a pre-game pep talk from Gene Hackman. #NBA

Roy Hibbert: 18 boards tonight. Ewing had that many only 5 times in 139 playoff games, Dikembe only 3 times in 101. #Hoyas #Pacers #Knicks

Lest we forget, Hibbert went one pick (17) before JaVale McGee (18) in the 2008 draft. #NBA #Wizards #Pacers

Just dawned on me: If the #Spurs win another title in a labor-impasse-shortened season, they’ll match the feat of the ‘82/‘87 #Redskins.