The Washington Times - May 25, 2012, 01:28PM


Werth was on #Nats bench when Harper hit 1st #MLB HR. His grandpa witnessed Aaron’s 1st HR and Rose’s 1st hit. My blog.


Here’s why you love Edwin Jackson: Because he’s been there. Isn’t great every time out, but will never be overwhelmed by the occasion. #Nats

One of the best things about any #RedSox#Phillies game is that the Phils were originally the Worcester (Mass.) Ruby Legs. #MLB

In fact, the first perfect game in #MLB history was thrown by Worcester’s John Lee Richmond. The box: #RedSox #Phillies

In 1980, on the 100th anniversary of Richmond’s gem, I wrote a story about it for the Worcester Telegram, my first paper. #RedSox #Phillies

The story must not have won the Pulitzer, because I can’t seem to find one around the house. But it was fun to research. #RedSox  #Phillies

Bryce Harper: 2 for 2 with a BB so far in his first game vs. #Orioles. Not that we needed another reminder, but: The kid’s a gamer. #Nats

Harper is 19 years old, and teams are pitching him like he’s Lou Gehrig. Good lord. Wait until he actually is Lou Gehrig. #Orioles #Nats

I can’t believe Andy Pettitte is back pitching for the #Yankees. What, Jimmy Key wouldn’t answer his phone? #MLB


I’ll Have Another wins the #Preakness. I’m sure the other horses are thinking: Bartender, puh-leeze cut him off.


No joke: Before he became one of the #MadMen, Don Draper used to play for the Brooklyn #Dodgers. Check it out: #MLB

Let’s hope this on-field mishap involving Shanny isn’t a bad omen. Wasn’t the last #NFL coach to get run over Sean Payton? #Redskins #Saints

Kellen Winslow Jr. sounds surprised #Bucs don’t want him. He must have missed that he scored 15 fewer TDs than Gronkowski last season. #NFL

Always thought Winslow Jr. could be a lot better player if somebody’d just remind him he’s not the Kellen Winslow in the HOF. #NFL #Bucs

To me, the #Redskins‘ new practice facility will always be The Bubble of Mystery. We’ll never know all that goes on in there. #NFL

I will say this, though: A practice bubble — mysterious or otherwise — is a perfect expression of #NFL secrecy and paranoia. #Redskins

Last tweet on Winslow: He has 437 career catches, 23 TDs. The two other TEs who put up numbers like that: #NFL #Bucs

If Davey really is considering the closer-by-committee option, the committee should consist of Stammen, Stammen and Stammen. #Nats

That hold H-Rod got credit for tonight wasn’t for him holding the lead, it was for #Nats fans holding their breath. #MLB

Rodriguez getting a hold just makes me think of the chicken-salad-sandwich scene in “Five Easy Pieces.” #Nats #MLB


Jose Canseco, 48, made his home debut Monday for the Worcester (Mass.) Tornadoes of the Can-Am League. #MLB

Canseco on Guillen: “He’s a good dude, but damn, Ozzie, learn some English, Ozzie. You’re killing me; you’re killing the Latins with that.”

Maybe, while Canseco is in Worcester, he’ll box Vai Sikahema between games of a doubleheader.  #NFL 

Loretta Lynn was 15, not 13, when she was married? Who does she think she is, Marv Levy? #NFL #Bills

1. Shanahan trampled on practice field. 2. #Redskins lose salary cap grievance. This stuff is supposed to happen in threes, isn’t it? #NFL

Two things happened to H-Rod: 1. Was rushed into role he wasn’t ready for. 2. #Nats got good in a hurry, so everything was magnified. #MLB

The best thing about Donald Driver winning #DancingWiththeStars is that I doubt the #Redskins will trade a 2nd-round pick for him. #NFL #Fins


NBCUniversal will furnish 5,535 hours of #Olympics coverage — and just think: the 100-meter dash will take up less than 10 seconds of that.

You know that collision Shanny had in practice the other day? Well, not to worry. I just heard he has a $200 deductible. #Redskins #NFL

Five hitless innings for Cole “Old School” Hamels. Wonder if he’s throwing an emery ball tonight. #Nats #Phillies #MLB

Whoever wins the #NHL‘s Eastern Conference should waive the right to have home games in the Finals. The #LAKings are unbeatable on the road.

That HR off Papelbon was just LaRoche’s way of reminding him: Hey, I was your teammate once for nine days (July 22-31, 2009). #Nats #RedSox

#Devils 5, #Rangers 3. Once again, the #NHL playoffs are 60 minutes away from being Tortorella-free. #Caps

Did that HS kid in Fla. really have his diploma withheld because he Tebowed, or was it because he completed only 46.5% of his classes? #NFL


LT dealt with his son selling his Super Bowl ring better than Ochocinco handled the theft of his Starbucks gold card. Go figure. #NFL

Love De Smith ripping #NFL for “fight[ing] us on a number of workers’ comp cases.” #NFLPA ignored pre-‘59 players for decades. A scandal.


Charlie Sheen claims he DIDN’T buy LT’s Super Bowl ring. But he did say, from what I hear, that “Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel.” #NFL