The Washington Times - October 10, 2008, 11:01AM

The first Super Bowl was played in 1964. It took 17 years for the Redskins, led by Joe Gibbs, to win their first championship, Super Bowl XVII. Over the next nine seasons under Gibbs, the Skins went on to play in three more Super Bowls, winning two of them, the last being Super Bowl XXVI.

So what, you say? Well, it took 17 years for the organization to win their first Super Bowl and it’s been 17 years since our last championship at Super Bowl XXVI in 1991, so I think it’s about time for the Redskins to show up at the big dance. Maybe … just maybe.


Oh and by the way the last two times that the New York Giants won Super Bowls, XXI and XXV, the Redskins won the very next year. So, if you’re keeping score, history it starting to add up to equal the Redskins taking center stage at Super Bowl XLIII.

Just a little food for thought from old #28. Holla