The Washington Times - October 2, 2008, 10:03PM

As much as I’d love to keep basking in the glory of this past Sunday’s big W in little d, I know we’ve got to keep moving the ball down the field.

What makes me feel good is to see how quickly our guys enjoyed the victory but then got right back to work, on the grind preparing to make another big step toward the prize.


We the fans will be floating from the high we got on Sunday for a while, but as a player it’s super important to have the ability to quickly change focus from what’s behind you to what lies ahead.

It’s time to concentrate on the green team from the City of Brotherly Love, the Eagles! You know them Donovan, Westbrook, and a new kid named Jackson.

The Eagles have some big weapons on the offense, so lucky for us the Redskins, namely Dan and Vinny, have correctly built their awesome defense around three key positions: at least one top notch CB, an athletic LB, and a talented DE.

It’s the same philosophy that was used in the glory days with me, Wilbur Marshall and Dexter Manley.

If Shawn Springs can’t go, we’ll need all hands on deck so Smoot and Rogers will step up easily to stop Jackson.

People are saying that Marcus Washington has lost a step, but I disagree. He’s coming off a nagging injury and virtually no pre-season action. He just needed a little time to get his football legs and then it’s on.

And it better be on this weekend, because he’s going to be the one spying Westbrook, and injured or not Westbrook is a threat.

Now at defensive end, I don’t really know what to say. First, Philip Daniels goes down during the first practice in training camp and is lost for the season. Then we think all is saved when the Redskins trade for a beast of a replacement in All-Everything DE Jason Taylor who up until this past Sunday had 133 consecutive starts. Go figure.

Demetric Evans will stand in for Taylor if he can’t go, but he’s not quite the talent of Daniels or Taylor, so I’m thinking we’re going to need some help on that side especially after big Chris Samuels jokingly admitted in an interview earlier this week on a local radio show that he “tosses ‘Met’ (Demetric) around like a little baby out there,” referring to their match-ups in practice.

Evans was present at the interview and laughed at the comment, but he didn’t laugh too hard and neither did I.

Let’s get him some help on the left side Blache.