The Washington Times - February 20, 2008, 06:17PM
Update/6:54 p.m.
•••\ \ An undergraduate student at Indiana University says Sen. John McCain should be left off Indiana’s May 6 primary ballot, arguing the Republican presidential frontrunner failed to get the needed signatures.\ \ \ Thomas Cook, who runs the blog Blue Indiana, filed an official challenge today with the state election commission. Cook said he was monitoring the signatures for a gubernatorial race but also happened to notice McCain fell short in one congressional district of the 500 signatures required by state law from each district in order to get on the ballot.\ \ \ Cook’s challenge says McCain fell nine votes short in the fourth congressional district, arguably the most Republican in the state.\ \ \ mccainfiling.JPG\ \ \ “It’s indicative, I think, of a complete failure on the part of John McCain’s national infrastructure, and the incompetence of his national campaign,” Cook said in a phone interview.\ \ \ He said that given Republicans who back McCain control the top offices in state government, he doesn’t doubt that they will find a way to keep McCain on the ballot, but said it’s a black mark against the eventual Republican nominee anyway.\ \ \ Indiana has 57 delegates to the Republican nominative convention, of which 27 are up for selection in the winner-take-all primary in May. Clearly if McCain were left off the ballot it would not be a major hurdle to his securing the nomination, but it could be a black eye. Still, the bigger black eye might come if he gets on the ballot anyway, and Democrats make an issue of it.\ \ \ McCain’s campaign didn’t immediately return a call about the ballot situation.\ \ \ — Stephen Dinan, national political reporter, The Washington Times