The Washington Times - August 27, 2007, 01:05PM
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“Gonzales leaves without about one political ally to his name, and now we’ll hear another cloying Bush speech about how a guy no one really liked and who brought considerable problems upon the administration through his own bone-headedness was actually the greatest guy evuh.”
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Figure out whether you want your department co-sponsoring conventions organized by unindicted co-conspirators in terror funding trials.”
Don Surber
This is a golden opportunity for Democrats to divorce themselves from the fringe left.\ \ \ Following the departure of Karl Rove, this clears the deck for the Democratic Congress to drop its incessant investigations of the Bush administration \0x2014 and legislate instead of investigate.\ \ \ Not that they will. There is a bloodlust in the hearts of Democrats to punish George Bush and his staff. This goes beyond anger and is a way of intimidating people from joining a Republican administration.
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