The Washington Times - August 8, 2007, 02:51PM
China stonewalling on its human-rights promises SEE RELATED:

Amnesty International called on the Chinese government yesterday to fulfill the human rights promises that its officials made when the country was awarded the 2008 Summer Olympics seven years ago. ….\ \ Amnesty released a report that identified four problems that the organization hopes China will address before the Games’ opening ceremonies one year from today. The problems are restrictions on local journalists and Internet companies, a lack of transparency on the death penalty, the use of labor camps to “re-educate” some citizens and crackdowns on human rights defenders. …\ \ The report was released a day after six foreign journalists were briefly detained for reporting on an event in Beijing coordinated by press freedom activists, according to London’s Financial Times.
today’s editorial in The Washington Times
Chinese journalists and bloggers face the biggest threats of harassment and intimidation. There are at least 32 journalists and 50 cyber-dissidents currently imprisoned by the Chinese authorities, some without charges or guarantees to due process, according to Reporters Without Borders, a Paris-based organization monitoring press freedoms worldwide. On Monday, Reporters Without Borders launched an international campaign highlighting press abuses and urging IOC officials to demand that Chinese authorities cease flouting their previous self-imposed standards of press freedoms.
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