The Washington Times - December 19, 2007, 11:53AM
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\ The White House has formally and publicly requested a correction to this morning’s New York Times article that said that as many as four Bush administration attorneys knew of plans to destroy videotapes of CIA interrogations.\ \ \ White House press secretary Dana Perino, in a statement this morning, took issue in particular with the sub-headline on the Times’ story: “White House role was wider than it said.”\ \ \ The sub-head is not on the Web story, but can be seen here on the image of the front page.\ \ \ Mrs. Perino argues that, except for describing President Bush’s knowledge of the matter, the White House has “not described — neither to highlight, nor to minimize — the role or deliberations of White House officials in this matter.”\ \ \ “The New York Times today implies that the White House has been misleading in publicly acknowledging or discussing details related to the CIA’s decision to destroy interrogation tapes,” Mrs. Perino says.\ \ \ She calls the story “pernicious and troubling.”\ \ \ “We are formally requesting that NYT correct the sub-headline of this story,” Mrs. Perino’s statement reads.\ \ \ — Jon Ward, White House correspondent, The Washington Times