The Washington Times - July 15, 2007, 07:33PM
the exit of former Gov. James S. Gilmore III
“I have come to believe that it takes more than a positive vision for our nation’s future to successfully compete for the presidency,” Mr. Gilmore said. “I believe that it takes years of preparation to put in place both the political and financial infrastructure to contest what now amounts to a one-day national primary in February.”

Outside the Beltway
Well, yeah. I’ve known that for years, as have most of you. It’s baffling that a former national party chairman wouldn’t have clued in to that at some point.
CPAC “Rudy McRomney” Arizona Sen. John McCain trouble for the future
The implosion of the Arizona Republican’s campaign — first the firing most of his campaign staff two weeks ago because he could no longer pay them and then booting his two top campaign bosses on Monday — was caused more by issues than by the campaign’s overspending, activists say.\ \ “McCain’s fall was inevitable, since he seemed intent on alienating base GOP activists and donors with his high-profile support of amnesty for criminal aliens. I know I am not the only party leader who has been scratching his head,” said Jon Fleischman, the elected vice chairman of the Southern California Republican Party.
Texas Rep. Ron Paul — Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times P.S.: “Faith of My Fathers,”