The Washington Times - July 18, 2007, 06:07PM
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Founding president of the Georgia Republican Assembly. Life Member of the NRA and President of its state affiliate, the Georgia Sport Shooting Association. Member, Gun Owners of America.
Dr. Broun’s campaign platform
Restore Constitutional Government\ \ End the Federal Income Tax & Abolish the IRS\ \ Secure our borders. Stop the Invasion of Illegal Aliens.\ \ Support our Troops. Win the War on Terrorists.\ \ Protect Private Property Rights\ \ Stop the ACLU and Activist Federal Judges from Destroying America’s Heritage of Religious Freedom and Religious Expression.
e-mail to 10th District voters earlier this month unofficial results Joshua Evans Phil Kent
While Mr. Whitehead was backed by top Republican officials and amassed an overwhelming fundraising advantage, Mr. Broun won by being “the anti-establishment candidate,” his campaign manager Joshua Evans said in a telephone interview yesterday.\ “While [Mr. Broun] is very conservative, he is also very independent,” Mr. Evans said. “We were down significantly, financially, and [Mr. Whitehead] received all of the endorsements from the Republican establishment. … We just focused on taking our message to our voters and implemented a massive grass-roots effort.” …\ \ Geography may have been more important than ideology in a district dominated by two major population centers, Augusta — Georgia’s second-largest city — and Athens, home to the University of Georgia. Mr. Broun is from Athens while Mr. Whitehead is from Columbia County in the Augusta area.\ Mr. Whitehead’s “Columbia County base did not turn out the way he expected …. and that really hurt him,” said Phil Kent, a veteran Georgia journalist and conservative activist who endorsed Mr. Whitehead.\ “Whitehead’s remarks in a recent Augusta civic speech were turned against him to indicate he was anti-Athens, and Broun used that effectively,” said Mr. Kent, adding that Athens-area voters “wanted their hometown boy. They wanted an Athens guy.”\ Mr. Broun “very successfully mobilized Democrats and independents in the Athens area,\0x201D Mr. Evans said. In addition to getting nearly 90 percent of the vote in Clarke County, which includes Athens, Mr. Broun also tallied 27 percent in Columbia County.\ “We were pretty successful at reaching Mr. Whitehead’s home area, because they never expected us to be able to [do so well] in his back yard,” Mr. Evans said.
— Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times