The Washington Times - June 19, 2007, 11:04AM
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“You and I” Celine Dion readers offered Clinton’s choice two rounds

High above the mountains, far across the sea
\ I can hear your voice calling out to me
\ Brighter than the sun and darker than the night
\ I can see your love shining like a light
\ And on and on this earth spins like a carousel
\ If I could travel across the world
\ The secrets I would tell


\ You and I
\ Were meant to fly
\ Higher than the clouds
\ We’ll sail across the sky
\ So come with me
\ And you will feel
\ That we’re soaring
\ That we’re floating up so high
\ Cause you and I were meant to fly


Sailing like a bird high on the wings of love
\ Take me higher than all the stars above
\ I’m burning, yearning
\ Gently turning round and round
\ I’m always rising up I never
\ Want to come back down


You and I were meant to fly

suggestions from Fishwrap readers — Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times Joshua Micah Marshall:
Okay, I think we may have both the necessary and sufficient reason why Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be allowed to be president: her campaign song is by Celine Dion. Truly too horrifying to comtemplate.
You’re No Jack Kennedy
Just in case you needed further reason to think Hillary is an out-of-touch weirdo, here’s a new one. After a long — and, frankly, pretty cool and innovative — online search for her campaign theme song, Hillary settled on “You and I” by, dear lord, Celine Dion.
Waaaaah! We so wanted “My Heart Will Go On”!
Virtual Bourgeois
You know, until this moment I was seriously considering her, but Celine Dion?
— Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times