The Washington Times - June 5, 2007, 12:55PM
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“The most heated moments in your debate revolved around who had led on the question of opposing the war in Iraq, and when and how that leadership was expressed. That’s a very important issue. However, no one on the stage acknowledged that the leadership for turning the country against the war came from the American people and, more explicitly, from independents, whose opposition to U.S. policy in Iraq has driven many of the changes we’ve already seen.”\ \ “Despite the fact that 44% of New Hampshire voters and 38% of voters nationally (according to the latest Gallup poll) are independents, and despite the fact that independents overwhelmingly oppose the war, every Democratic presidential candidate failed to make note of these facts. This was an extraordinary omission, given that it is so obviously in your self-interest to do so. New Hampshire is an open primary state where already 69% of independents say they intend to vote in the Democratic primary.”
— Christina Bellantoni, Capitol Hill correspondent, The Washington Times