The Washington Times - June 5, 2007, 09:22PM
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Romney bashes oil companies. Says they’re making a lot of money, need to reinvest in refineries.\ \ Ick.\ \ Romney sounds like Hillary.\ \ McCain has a problem with oil companies making profits, too.\ \ Ugh. Is this the GOP debate or the Democrat debate?
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CNN supposedly picked “likely Republican voters” — both actual Republicans and right-leaning indepedents — to ask the candidates questions.\ \ Let’s see how scorchingly liberal the questions are.\ \ Off to a good start — a woman who lost her brother to the war wants to know how to get us out of Iraq.\ \ I’m so surprised CNN found this questioner!\ \ Why, you’d think liberals had some sort of premeditated strategy to put forward victims to push their policies or something!\ \ More! Environmentalism, prescription drug subsidies, and now, from the affiliate’s handpicked (liberal) blogger, a question as to whether or not to install a Canadian style single-payer national health care system!\ \ Wow! These “likely Republican voters” sure are reflecting my concerns and interests!
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7:29: Hand it to Wolf Blitzer: He knows how to let John McCain talk. He sounds arrogant, like he knows no one else has reckoned with immigration (or the current bill), and dares them to come on and bring a better idea. Giuliani and Romney know just enough for this strategy to fail, although Rudy sounds like he’s pored over the bill and Romney sounds like he’s read a memo.
8:03: Huckabee: “There was a feeling that there wasn’t a proper handling of the Iraq War.” Maybe a little more than a feeling. When I hear that old song they used to play.
— Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times UPDATE 10:15 p.m.: Hot Air Also blogging the debate: Sister Toldjah Iowa Voice Red State Ann Althouse Instapundit American Spectator Memeorandum — RSM UPDATE 11:15 p.m.: reports that a “Truther” was arrested after the debate
About 10 minutes after the debate ended, reporters from Alex Jones’ Info Wars confronted Ed Goeas, who was spinning for Rudy Giuliani, and loudly asked what the mayor knew about 9/11. I rolled tape as Goeas took the bait, asking “Where are your credentials?” and “Do any real reporters have some questions?” But someone finally wrangled security and the reporter was escorted out, followed by a phalanx of cameramen.
InfoWars grandfather of … the 9/11 Truth Movement,” — RSM UPDATE 11:40: Rich Lowry John Derbyshire Mary Katharine Ham Ed Morrissey — RSM