The Washington Times - June 5, 2007, 01:36PM
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“It’s funny when people say, ‘Oh I’m not against immigration. I’m against illegal immigration.’ And then they say they want to make illegal the amount of immigration we need.”\ \ \ “This is very bad politics, opposition to increasing immigration … If you speak ill of people, they will think you do not love them, and they will tend to vote accordingly.”
“Does the public trust this administration … to actually deliver on the enforcement promises? Does the public believe that immigration laws will be enforced in the future?”
“This is not amnesty. Basically John and Mark would say any amount of fine would be amnesty. They just don’t want these people here … If that’s not so, they should tell us what system of fine would not be amnesty.”
“Amnesty is just like some four letter word that a young kid learned and throws up … They just yell, ‘amnesty.’”
— Jon Ward, White House correspondent, The Washington Times