The Washington Times - May 29, 2007, 06:06PM
The following is excerpted from Robert Stacy McCain’s recent interview with Andrew Breitbart of Q: You’re just constantly checking your e-mails for something new. …\ A: SEE RELATED:

Q: And they’re coming in at the rate of three to four every minute. …\ A: Q: You’re getting Reuters, AP, UPI …\ A: The Associated Press Q: You create your own news wire.\ A: Q: People would fight for their online freedom.\ A: Q: It’s a smart medium. It requires interactivity. \ A: Q: You were talking about your ADD —\ A: Q: Let’s talk about the history of how you became involved with Drudge. … \ A: Q: What year was that?\ A: Q: Let’s talk a little about politics. We recently had a panel where we brought in a lot of bloggers and other online people, and we talked about the perception that the Left has gotten more mileage out of the blogosphere, especially in the 2006 cycle. You got any take on that?\ A: Q: So it’s not telling people, “Here, let’s go to this meeting, let’s sign this petition.” It’s more about, “Look, here’s something you don’t know.”\ A: Q: Last time we talked, we’d talked about you and Arianna Huffington. You’re still friends, you and Ariana?\ A: Q: And she went from Right to Left and has become sort of the diva, or the hostess —\ A: \ Q: Her original idea — tell me how you helped her develop her site?\ A: Q: The social networking — you were talking about her throwing parties, knowing everyone in town.\ A: Q: You went to work for her in what year?\ A: Lexis-Nexis Q: Lexis-Nexis is a research tool that is far superior to just mere Googling. \ A: CONTINUED