The Washington Times - May 29, 2007, 05:45PM
The following is excerpted from Robert Stacy McCain’s recent interview with Andrew Breitbart of Let’s talk about — when did that start?\ A: SEE RELATED:

YahooQ: Speaking of, how many people do y’all employ?\ A:Q: OK, so you’re a one-man operation?\ A:Fred ThompsonQ: Which he has done very effectively, when he responded to Michael Moore.\ A:Q: Within seven hours, I think, start to finish.\ A:Q: What do you see being the impact of the New Media on 2008?\ A:YouTubeQ: Why is that? … A self-deprecating sense of humor, a sense of irony, seems so central to success online.\ A:Q: You’ve talked about Thompson, you’ve talked about Hillary. Any other candidates who really seem to get the Internet? I mean, Obama’s doing pretty good.\ A:Q: And the future of online, the future of news organizations — as a content provider, The Washington Times is working now very hard to get our stuff online. Instead of the one day, “It’s Friday, here’s Friday’s paper online,” we’re updating [the Web site] continuously through the day. …\ A:Q: I remember that when Arianna first went up that it was thought that her film friends would be posting their opinions — that the Hollywood superstars, Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn … would be posting on there, and that has not really happened as much as some people had thought. Can you talk about that?\ A: