The Washington Times - May 30, 2007, 02:45PM
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interviewed Friday WBAI
You know, I have on my kitchen table, I have a button that was printed in 2000. And it was printed by the Green Party, they were talking about me running as a Green. So I have had a very long relationship with the Green Party. And I think, honestly, with the failure of the Democratic majority in Congress to repeal the PATRIOT Act, to repeal the Secret Evidence Act, to repeal the Military Tribunals Act, to not institute immediately actions of impeachment against this illegitimate, illegal and immoral administration, stop the war, I have to seriously question my relationship with the Democratic Party. I know that the very learned listeners of WBAI have long been interested in how to have a truly independent voice. I understand now that with the current Democratic majority in Congress that’s not possible. ….\ \ So, you know, 2008 has not been ruled out, some kind of effort. Certainly now it is questionable as to whether that effort would come under the banner of the Democratic Party. There’s no way that with the current crop of candidates who are all supporting a military action against Iran and who none of them support impeachment. They can not speak for me any longer.
David Weigel of Reason magazine
So, why not McKinney? She courted the Green Party’s 2004 nomination after she lost her 2002 congressional primary. … To win the 2008 nomination Cynthia McKinney would need only break the spell that animates Nader’s still-limber zombie body then fend off Black Panther alum Elaine Brown and Milton from Office Space.
McKinney ‘08 Campaign News Headquarters — Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times UPDATE 10:45 EDT: Don Surber Sister Toldjah
Heck, from the way her platform would sound, I think she’d garner tons of support with the Democratic base and as a result, she might get as much attention as Cindy Sheehan did, except over a longer period of time, and the entire country could really get an up close and personal look at how far the left has fallen over the cliff. … RUN, CYNTHIA, RUN!
The Sundries Shack Here’s a Wisconsin blogger
Please please please be true.
Jim Geraghty: Ace of Spades Hot Air
Isn’t this actually bad news? Socialist alternatives to Hillary are all to the good since they’ll drain off votes from the dumber parts of the Democratic base, but if the Green nominee’s too kooky it’ll make it easy for the Democrats to demonize them and draw some of those votes back.