The Washington Times - October 10, 2007, 09:06PM
Victimized Monday in a hoaxGeorge Washington University SEE RELATED:

studentsYoung America’s Foundation responds
Seven students at your institution falsely attributed the “Hate Muslims? So Do We!!” fliers to The George Washington University chapter of Young America’s Foundation.When the fliers initially surfaced you said, “There is no place for expressions of hatred on our campus. We do not condone, and we will not tolerate the dissemination of fliers or other documents that vilify any religious, ethnic or racial group.”\ \ We agree. Vicious personal attacks levied on students are intolerable, and should not go unpunished. …\ \ Student Association Executive Vice President Brand Kroeger told the GW Hatchet that he “would support expulsion. These acts are completely heinous.” Again, we agree … (Emphasis added)
has beenalloverthis storyMichelle Malkin
When the campus officials suspected the flyers were real, they vowed to expel the perpetrators. Now that the hoaxers have confessed, what will the administration do?
Jammie Wearing Fool
The GWU administration will have zero credibility if they don’t expel these thugs forthwith.\ \ This pernicious character assassination has to stop.
jumped on the story earlyfollows up.Red State’s Moe Lane
It is going to be highly entertaining to watch either: GWU admit that they are collectively stupid enough to believe that conservative groups would actually put up posters like this; or actually go after antiwar activists for espousing racism.\ \ Pass the popcorn.
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