The Washington Times - October 4, 2007, 07:21AM
“If Democratic Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans,” in defense of Rush Limbaugh SEE RELATED:

If we are to believe the self-descriptions of callers to talk radio and the typical soldier interviewed on MSNBC, the military is fairly bristling with types… .\ \ \ According to a Military Times survey taken in September 2004, active-duty military personnel preferred President Bush to Kerry by about 73 percent to 18 percent. Sixty percent describe themselves as Republican and less than 10 percent call themselves Democrat (the same 10 percent that MSNBC has on its speed-dial). Even among the veterans, Republicans outnumber Democrats 46 percent to 22 percent.\ \ \ So there aren’t a lot of anti-war military types for the media to turn into this month’s “It Girl.”
Iraq Rush Limbaugh didn’t say that. Sen. Harry Reid said Monday Rush has repeatedly explained Jesse MacBeth featured in an ABC News story about frauds who impersonate war veterans other fake veterans lied about committing atrocities in Iraq
“We would go into people’s houses and plow down entire families,” MacBeth said. “We would interrogate people. If we didn’t like the answers that they gave, then we would kill the youngest child. If they gave more answers that we didn’t like, then we’d move on to the rest of the family. They could’ve been innocent people.”
sentenced last month to five months in prison asking Jeff Emanuel — Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times