The Washington Times - September 10, 2007, 05:39PM
a perfect summation of his party’s position
Our witnesses have been sent here this morning to restore credibility to a discredited policy. We and the American people already know that the situation in Iraq is grim and the growing majority of this Congress and of the American people want our troops out. …\ The Administration’s myopic policies in Iraq have created a fiasco. Is it any wonder that on the subject of Iraq, more and more Americans have little confidence in this Administration? …\ The current escalation in our military presence in Iraq may have produced some tactical successes. But strategically, the escalation has failed. …\ In Iraq today, we are wrecking our military, forcing their families to suffer needlessly, sacrificing the lives of our brave young men and women in uniform. And the enormous financial cost of this war is limiting our ability to address our global security needs, as well as pressing domestic problems such as health care, crumbling infrastructure and public education. The cost of this war in Iraq will be passed along to our grandchildren and beyond. …\ We need to get out of Iraq, for that country’s sake and for our own. It is time to go — and to go now.

Hot Air Code Pink hissyfit — Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times