The Washington Times - September 20, 2007, 06:33PM
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“General Betray Us” ad landslide Senate vote move on.’s response
The U.S. Senate just told you to sit down and be quiet when they passed a Republican amendment condemning MoveOn. …\ \ \ We’re releasing a statement from MoveOn members—and anyone else who feels the same way—saying, “We will not be quiet, we will fight back. We will keep speaking out until Congress forces an exit plan for this awful war.”
conservatives are shocked against
It’s part of a larger campaign by Fox, the right-wing echo chamber, and Republicans like John McCain (who said we should be “thrown out of the country”). ….\ \ \ And it has one purpose: to intimidate all of us. To send a message that anyone who speaks unpleasant truths about this war will pay. To make everyone — especially politicians — think twice before they accuse the administration of lying.
— Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times