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David Gregory holding a 30-round magazine at NBC's Washington bureau (NBC/Meet the Press)

MILLER: David Gregory’s legal jeopardy

President Obama wants more gun-control laws, but perhaps he should care more about enforcing the ones already on the books. He granted an exclusive interview to NBC’s David Gregory Saturday, even though the “Meet the Press” anchor is under investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) for possession of an unregistered “high capacity” magazine in the District.

The District's low skyline, contrary to popular belief, has nothing to do with preserving the prominence of the 555-foot Washington Monument. Concerns over increasingly scarce land have spawned debate about allowing taller office buildings.

MILLER: D.C. lightens gun penalties

The District of Columbia’s city council voted unanimously on Tuesday to decriminalize inadvertently violating the city’s unique gun laws. The liberal council surprisingly moved forward with the schedule vote, despite the national calls for more gun-control laws in the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary mass murder Friday in Newtown, Conn.

MILLER: Connecticut Tragedy

The tragic murders Friday at the Sandy Hook Elementary School break the heart of every American, and that includes gun owners. It is human nature to want to find someone or something to blame for a tragedy like this. Parents want to find a way to prevent it from happening to their own children. The horror of a man so deranged that he could shoot a small child is almost impossible to understand or to accept. However, those who use this tragedy to call for more gun-control laws are misguided.

MILLER: Rick Perry’s guns

Rick Perry loves all kinds of guns. The Texas governor, who famously shot dead a coyote with his .380 Ruger pistol for threatening his dog while on a morning run in 2010, agreed to be the subject of this new feature series that explores the gun collections of people in the spotlight.

Five-time Olympian medal winner in shooting Kim Rhode with TWT's Emily Miller.

MILLER: Kim Rhode’s guns

Olympic skeet shooter Kim Rhode has a bigger reason that most spend time picking out the perfect gun. Mrs. Rhode made history in London this summer by becoming the first U.S. athlete to medal in an individual sport in five consecutive Olympics. She is very enthusiastic about her firearm collection.

MILLER: Crimes of gun-grabbing mayors

Mike Bloomberg is on a mission to take away everyone’s guns. New York City’s billionaire mayor has bankrolled a coalition of municipal chiefs from coast to coast who tirelessly lobby for new laws restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners. The irony is that many in his coalition of pedophiles, embezzlers, wife beaters, cheaters and violent thugs are no longer eligible to legally own a gun.

Real estate developer Donald Trump and TWT's Emily Miller

MILLER: Donald Trump's guns

Donald Trump will admit that he has a concealed carry permit in New York City, but he doesn’t like to go into detail bout what guns he owns. Until now.

MILLER: Guns blazing since election

President Obama’s re-election has sent Americans running to the gun stores. Sales of firearms and ammunition are way up in reaction to Mr. Obama saying during the debates he wants to ban everything from “cheap handguns” to common hunting rifles with scary-looking features.

Paul Ryan hunting deer. Photo by Mark Olcott.

MILLER: Paul Ryan's guns

This is a new feature exploring the firearms owned by high-profile individuals. The first installment is about Paul Ryan who has become the most high-profile gun owner in the nation this year. Paul Ryan. The Republican vice presidential candidate is known as an avid hunter, but what's less known is that he exercises his right to own a handgun for self protection. Read exclusive details on the congressman's gun collection.

MILLER: D.C.'s mace control, part 4

While the courts work though the debate on the right to bear arms in the District, the least the local government could do is allow residents to easily and legally buy self-defense sprays to protect themselves a little on the crime-ridden streets of our nation’s capital.

“People that say, ‘Oh, we have no chance of being bigger in technology than Silicon Valley’ — that’s not true,” says New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of his high-tech goals. (Associated Press)

MILLER: NRA vs. Bloomberg

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been saying for the past two years that President Obama would ban guns if given a second term. Mr. Obama had been careful to pretend otherwise until last week’s debate, when he let slip his intention to ban certain types of firearms. That has sparked a renewed political war on both sides of the issue.

MILLER: Gun owners’ election

Former Supreme CourtJustice John Paul Stevens demonstrated the importance of America’s upcoming presidential choice as he spoke Monday to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Justice Stevens told the assembled gun grabbers of the urgent need for Congress to adopt laws restricting the right to keep and bear arms.

MILLER: Obama’s big gun slip

President Obama is in a fix over firearms. He needs to win undecided voters in the swing states to be re-elected, but these areas are largely pro-gun. So after years of trying to dodge the issue, Mr. Obama let it slip in Tuesday’s presidential debate that he’d push a gun ban in a second term. It’s a revelation that could sway the election.

MILLER: Targeting Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan faces Joe Biden in a vice presidential debate Thursday where guns could become one of the many hot topics discussed. The Wisconsin Republican congressman has recently become a lightning rod for attacks from gun grabbers who think the issue is their ticket to thwarting the Romney campaign’s growing momentum in the polls.

MILLER: D.C.'s mace control, part 3

Recently, two blocks from my home, a man was attacked on the street by armed thugs who stole his laptop. So far in 2012, violent crime is up 8 percent in Washington, D.C., All this made me realize again that I need to do whatever I can legally to defend myself in this crime-ridden city. I decided to go back to police headquarters to get a registration form for self-defense spray. When I arrived, I was surprised to find out that the Gun Registry Office is also tasked with registering mace.