The Washington Times - September 13, 2007, 10:43AM

\ “Am I in Washington?” Olie Kolzig asked when stepped in front a group cameras.\

\ There is no practice for the players today but plenty off-ice work to be taken care of. There are plenty of pictures to be taken, physicals to be passed and lots and lots and lots of stuff to autograph.\


\ All of the equipment that needs a John Hancock (or 20) is laid out on tables or up against the outside the rink. There will be stuff to sign all season, but there is an abnormally large amount today. Not everyone signs everything, but some of the numbers include 18 dozen sticks (four dozen will be signed by everyone), 750 pucks and 59 of the team’s brand-spanking new jerseys.\

\ While the legs aren’t getting much of a workout, the hands and wrists certainly are.\

\ — Corey Masisak