The Washington Times - September 22, 2007, 12:41PM
Alex Ovechkin

\ Another guy who won’t be there is Steve Eminger. This is significant because this is three exhibition games and counting without Eminger in the lineup. After tonight, he will be the only guy (besides Eric Fehr and Daren Machesney, who are nursing injuries) left in camp who hasn\0x2019t played. Maybe there aren’t conclusions to be drawn from this fact, but I certainly would not be putting a lot of money on Eminger being in the lineup for the Caps on opening night at this point.\


\ In other news there was a new addition in the room today \0x2013 a massive eagle with the capitol building silhouette (the shoulder patch on the new jerseys) in the middle of the ceiling. Washington Capitals was also painted along the one side wall, but the wrong epoxy was used and it started to come off during the night, so it was scrapped for another day. There is not a logo in the middle of the floor (lots of sports teams put one there and then fine players for stepping on it and give long, brooding stares and/or tell media types in an abrupt manner to get off their logo), and one is not expected anytime soon.\

\ — Corey Masisak