The Washington Times - December 5, 2008, 11:01AM

Last night Islanders forward Tim Jackman took some liberties on Alex Ovechkin, hitting him akwardly in the neutral zone in the first period and then again along the boards near the Caps bench midway through the second which resulted in penalties for both (cross checking for Ovechkin, diving for Jackman).

Now, typically this would be the place for Caps enforcer Donald Brashear to step in and deliver a message that any type of this behavior against Ovechkin is not acceptable. But the score of the game made it a little tougher for Brashear to take any sort of action. Here is what Brashear had to say about the whole situation.


“This job is always hard to do,” Brashear said. “Do you go address it and take a penalty and give them a chance to score a goal? Do you wait? Alex has been doing it since I’m here. I talk with him every once in a while. I say, ‘You’ve got to battle through and show them that you’re not bothering you and you can’t take penalties.’ Games like that happen and it’s going to happen because I can’t be out there all the time doing what I do for him.”