The Washington Times - November 10, 2008, 05:23PM

Here are a few of those previously promised quotes:



Q: What is this like for you?

A: It’s very weird. I had a look at the schedule back when it came out in August and it said Nov. 10 and I didn’t give it that much thought because it was so far off. The time really flew by, and Nov. 10 was here quicker than I thought. Coming back to the city yesterday, a lot of memories started coming back. Going on the ice today, it was different but I am looking forward to [tonight].

Q: What will tonight be like?

It will probably be one of my harder games. Obviously I’ve never been in this situation before playing against old teammates. I’ve still got 20 close friends on the other side, but I’ve got 20 new ones here and we’re here to try to win a hockey game, so I’ve got to try to keep my emotions in check and just focus on stopping the puck.

Q: What kind of reaction do you expect from the fans?

I don’t know. I don’t know what to expect. Maybe when I go play the puck, I am waiting to hear the Larry Murphy whooping calls. I don’t know, but I am looking forward to it and I think I will be into it once I face my first shot.


About his new team:

These three guys were there when I first broke into the league, so they helped me back then, and they’ve helped me already in these two days. They’ve helped me a lot already.

About the trade:

I talked to both Paul Holmgren and John Stevens, and they both said a couple of times that this wasn’t about the way I was playing. They thought I was growing as a player and gaining confidence, and they played me in a lot of important situations.


Q: What have the past few weeks been like?

A: It has been a weird start to the season, and it didn’t start the way I would have enjoyed or liked the way it would start. But I’ve got sort of a fresh start here. There’s not too many injuries or spots open right now, but I’ve just got to keep working.