The Washington Times - October 30, 2008, 11:30AM

So here is a quick update on Brian Pothier, who continues to try to come back from a concussion. He said there has been some tangible process — he has been working out in the weight room, for instance — but there is plenty more to be made before he can consider getting back on the ice again.

For now, he said his problem is a vision thing. His eyes and brain don’t always work together properly, so he will suffer from bouts of “seasickness” when he pushes too hard. He has been trying to workout up to a certain threshold, but Pothier said being programmed as a hockey player to always try to push and work harder than the next guy has made it frustrating for him.


He’s seen about a half-dozen different specialists, and there is no one “concussion guy” who has helped other players get through this like the guy Chris Clark saw for his groin this summer. He did say the one who specializes with the inner ear has helped diagnose his issues the most.