The Washington Times - September 26, 2008, 12:32PM

Here’s the list: Greg Amadio, Dean Arsene, Jay Beagle, Francois Bouchard, Sean Collins, Viktor Dovgan, Michael Dubuc, Alexandre Giroux, Bryan Helmer, Maxime Lacroix, Tommy Maxwell, Patrick McNeil, Graham Mink, Travis Morin, Michal Neuvirth, Oskar Osala, Steve Pinizzotto, Sasha Pakulok, Darren Reid and Kyle Wilson



*The headliner is Neuvurth, so it may be safe to place him behind Simeon Varlamov and Daren Machesney (although Cheese not getting much action last night might be a plausible reason for keeping him over Neuvirth).

*Mathieu Perreault stays and Francois Bouchard goes, so the French Canadian kids get split up (though they were split up the last two nights anyway).

*John Carlson is still around, but he wasn’t going to Hershey anyway. He’ll go back to London eventually.

*Oskar Osala was one of the stars of rookie camp, but he struggled to stand out much once real camp started. He was going to need some time in Hershey anyway, and he’ll be one to watch with the Bears.

*Among the guys who got to stick around are Andrew Gordon, Andrew Joudrey, Josh Godfrey and Tyler Sloan (but more guys could also be on their way to Hershey at any point).