The Washington Times - February 14, 2009, 10:12AM

Had a chance to catch up with Olie Kolzig yesterday after Caps practice for a story sometime next week, but here’s a quick preview of some of what he had to say:

* The longtime Caps netminder did say he is leaning toward retirement after a torn tendon in his left arm has likely ended his season. He is sporting a pretty nasty scar from the surgery, but otherwise was in good spirits while catching up with several of his former teammates.


“I’m probably leaning toward retirement after talking about it with my wife,” Kolzig said. “But I still don’t have my name on the Cup yet and I still have the desire to play. It is ‘Do I have the desire to go through the preparation of what it takes to get ready for a season?’ I’ve been pretty durable over the course of my career, but in the last year I’ve had two major surgeries. I’ve got to weigh all that and see what I want to do.”

* Kolzig said his family will stay here in Hockey Bay next year, regardless of if or where he plays. He said the kids are doing well in school and the family has taking a liking to the weather.

NOTE: After nearly two solid months of snow on every road trip, this reporter has also taking a liking to this weather.

* Kolzig is already working out (sans his left arm) with an eye toward getting a headstart on offseason workouts. He said if, in a couple of months when his arm has healed, that he is ready to go through full-blown preparations for next season then he and his agent will start working toward finding him a home on July 1. He signed a one-year deal to play here in Tampa.

Finally, it should be noted that he noted he was leaning toward retirement near the end of last season but the desire to play was too great to not come back.