The Washington Times - February 27, 2009, 11:16AM

The Caps are out on the ice right now as they prepare to travel to Boston to take on the conference-leading Bruins. Sergei Fedorov and Alex Ovechkin are not on the ice, but everyone else is. Michael Nylander has taken Fedorov’s place on the second line for practice.

UPDATE: Obviously tomorrow is a big day for the Caps if they have visions of tracking down the Bruins for the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. A win doesn’t make it that much easier to catch Boston, but a loss pretty much ends any chance.


“We know tomorrow they are going to play their best hockey game. They are going to play the absolute best that they’ve been all season,” Brooks Laich said. “If they win tomorrow, they’ve pretty much got No. 1 sewn up. You never want to stop playing or forfeit that, but they’d be a very tough team to catch if they beat us tomorrow.”

Added Bruce Boudreau: “Realistically, I mean anything can happen, but it makes sense. After tomorrow, if you have [19] games left — if you’re 11 [points] back, what you’d have to do to catch them wouldn’t be all that easy. It’s not an easy task right now. They might not four games the rest of the year.”

The Caps are 2-0-1 this season against the Bruins, so tomorrow’s could have a lot of significance even if Washington can’t reel in Boston for the top seed. A win tomorrow could provide something of a pyschological edge in say, the Eastern Conference finals.

“If we win tomorrow, now we’re 3-0-1 against them,” Laich said. “Now it’s in their heads a little. Maybe they finish ahead of us and maybe they don’t, but now they’re wondering, ‘Maybe we can’t beat these guys,’ It is going to be a very big hockey game and it is going to be a lot of fun to play.”