The Washington Times - January 8, 2009, 12:58PM

Sergei Fedorov and Tomas Fleischmann both said they are ready to play tomorrow, but it is up to the coaching staff to put them in the lineup. Bruce Boudreau didn’t commit to either guy for the Blue Jackets game, but did say he expects both to play this weekend.

Here is some reaction to the all-star roster announcement:



“We know on merit that Nick and Mike and maybe Alex Semin should all be on it, but that’s not how the scenario goes. It is not because they don’t deserve to be on it; it is just the way the whole thing is situated — the way they pick them.”

“They have to pick a player from every team. That’s been going on for a long time. As a personal opinion, I don’t agree with the process. I agree that people would much rather see the best players in the world rather than one representative of every team. But that’s the way it is for now, and we’ll live with it.”


“It is a little bit surprising. I don’t know why Semin isn’t [on the team]. I think [Green] and [Backstrom] are top players in the league right now.”


“I’m happy that [Ovechkin] gets to go and represent our team, and it is fine.”

“It is what it is. They want to represent one guy from each team, and that’s good. I’m not disappointed at all. It’s just an all-star game. Obviously I’d love to be there and be a part of it, but maybe I’ll go see my family now.”


“I was not expecting myself to be there, so I don’t care about it.”

“No, absoultely not [am I disappointed]. I didn’t expect it before the season and after half the season. It is OK; it is just a normal day.”


“I think [Green and Backstrom] deserve to be there. I think they are other factors that come in to play with the picking of the all-star team, but if you ask any of our players — obviosuly we’re biased — but they are both fantastic players and young guys and one day they will be there.”

Finally, here’s a quick note about Mike Green, courtesy of the Caps PR department:

The team’s record with Mike Green: 20-5-3

The team’s record without Mike Green: 7-6