The Washington Times - March 19, 2009, 10:54PM

Alex Ovechkin scored his 50th goal of the season in the first period tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Afterward, he dropped his stick to the ice and then “attempted” to pick it back up like it was too hot to handle.

He tried to get Mike Green and Nicklas Backstrom to join him, but they abstained so he went back to “trying” to pick it up. Ovechkin said that goalie Jose Theodore helped him plan the celebration, and he had hoped to get Backstrom and Green invovled.


“[Backstrom] stopped and [Green] stopped so I just had to do it myself,” Ovechkin said.

He is also well aware that one Don Cherry might have something to say about this celebration.

“Oh yeah, [Cherry] is going to be pissed off for sure,” Ovechkin said with a wide grin. “He is going to be pissed off. I love it – love it. I can’t wait to when he say something about it. Saturday night — Coach’s Room? No, Coach’s Corner — old coaches, old system. It will be good.”

Green said he knew about the celebration, but he decided to stay out of it.

“He wanted me to join in, but there was no way I was joining in on that. I just kind of stood back and let him do what he does. I think it is great.”

Bruce Boudreau came to Ovechkin’s defense when Cherry bashed his goal celebrations before. This time, not so much.

“I didn’t say anything [to Ovechkin] yet,” Boudreau said. “My only thought was that it was his 50th so maybe he was thinking of something special. I don’t know. He has never done that with me, from what I’ve seen. He celebrates, but I thought that was a little planned out.”

And Boudreau added: “I personally don’t like it as much. I love when he jumps into the glass and he shows the genuine emotion and everything. That one wasn’t quite the same thing, I don’t think.”