The Washington Times - November 11, 2009, 07:29PM

Just caught up with Caps general manager George McPhee. He said there is no news to report on Michael Nylander. He said there might be in the next day or two, but nothing at this point.

McPhee was at the GM meetings yesterday and earlier today in Toronto. One of the topics was hits to the head, and McPhee was one of the managers who spoke up on the issue.


His basic argument is that maybe there are some hits that have been acceptable traditionally that shouldn’t be acceptable anymore. The game is so physical now that maybe some hits to the head need to scrutinized more. One case in point was Philadephia’s Mike Richards crushing blow to the head of Florida’s David Booth.

McPhee wants to know if what Richards did (hit an unsuspecting player only in the head) is happening a lot, of if there are a lot of instances of players letting up in that situation that we don’t get to see replayed 100 times on highlight shows.

So if Player X is going for the head in that situation too often then something needs to be done, but if upon further study Player X is almost always letting up, then maybe there doesn’t need to be new rules.