The Washington Times - August 31, 2010, 04:04PM

DENVER — Democrat John Hickenlooper is leading the Colorado governor’s race, and in other news, he’s the mayor of Denver.

Let’s just say the Rasmussen Reports update Tuesday showing Mr. Hickenlooper in front with 36 percent support wasn’t exactly earth-shattering. What’s intriguing is the jump in the number of undecideds: Fully 20 percent of Colorado voters say they’re still thinking about it, up from 5 percent in the Rasmussen survey released Aug. 13.


Colorado voters, especially Republicans, can be excused for being befuddled. Their choices boil down to a well-known Democrat, a little-known Republican who’s been snubbed by the GOP after winning the election by default, and a well-known former Republican who’s now with the American Constitution Party.

The Republican, Dan Maes, trails Mr. Hickenlooper with 24 percent, with Tom Tancredo, the erstwhile Republican, bringing up the rear with 14 percent. Support for both Mr. Hickenlooper and Mr. Maes is down 7 percent and down 4 percent for Mr. Tancredo from two weeks ago.