The Washington Times - October 3, 2010, 06:05PM

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet dropped a bombshell last week by revealing that his Republican opponent, Tea Party favorite Ken Buck, wants to raise taxes.

What next? Is Mr. Buck also anti-gun and pro-choice?


The Bennet campaign unveiled a pair of attack ads last week contending that Mr. Buck wants to implement a 23 percent national sales tax. One ad also shows the Republican in a May 2009 interview with Denver’s KUSA-TV saying that, “We’re going to have to perhaps raise taxes.”

Both ads also manage to squeeze in the E-word, as in “Ken Buck has an extreme tax plan.”

The Buck campaign promptly accused Mr. Bennet of taking the Republican’s comments out of context or, in other words, lying.

“Coloradans haven’t heard a whopper this big since Richard Heene said his son was in the balloon,” said Buck campaign manager John Swartout, referring to last year’s infamous “balloon-boy” hoax.

He said the national sales tax comment came during a December 2009 interview in which Mr. Buck said that any number of systems — including a fair tax, a flat tax or a national sales tax — would be “a better idea” than the current system, which he termed “a disaster.”

The other remark came during a discussion about how the enormous increase in the national debt is likely to affect the future. Mr. Buck said that in order to manage the current debt level, “we’re going to have to do that through some very unpalatable means,” such as a tax increase.

“Unfortunately for the appointed Senator, Coloradans aren’t stupid,” said Mr. Swartout, using the campaign’s favorite A-word. “No one believes that Ken Buck wants to raise taxes.”