The Washington Times - September 1, 2010, 01:00PM

The Republican Governors Association has been ordered to pay $2 million to the 2006 Texas Democratic gubernatorial nominee because of campaign finance violations.

A Travis County, Texas, judge ruled Tuesday that the RGA was wrong not to have disclosed a $1 million donation it gave to a group called Texans for Rick Perry, reported the Associated Press.


The RGA received $500,000 from Houston developer Bob Perry, the nation’s largest individual donor during the 2006 election cycle. A lawsuit filed by former Democratic candidate Chris Bell claims the money was illegally funneled through the RGA to support Republican Gov. Rick Perry’s re-election bid.

Defense attorneys and witnesses denied Bell’s claim. RGA spokesman Mike Schrimpf said the Democratic Governors Association has used the same filing tactic. Schrimpf said the RGA will appeal. 

This is the second time in recent weeks the RGA has been the subject of unflattering news coverage. Conservative news mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which owns Fox News, recently donated $1 million to the RGA, setting off a cacophony of criticism and accusations that the “fair and balanced” news outlet was anything but.