The Washington Times - September 23, 2010, 01:17PM

Republican and former Virginia Gov. George F. Allen was a popular and perhaps surprising guest Thursday at a Washington fundraiser sponsored by the Republican Indian Committee for Nikki Haley, the GOP candidate for South Carolina governor.

Mr. Allen’s 2006 Senate-reelection bid largely fell apart after a campaign stop in Virginia in which he used the word “macaca” to refer to young Indian America man videotaping or “tracking” the event for the campaign of Democratic rival Jim Webb, who won the race. Mr. Allen apologized and said he didn’t know the meaning of the word, which is widely considered a pejorative.

“If George Allen ever decides to run for office again and wants Indian American support, we will be there for him,” Armeane M. Choksi, president of the committee, said at the fundraiser. “We’ll pose for a picture for him. He’s a friend and strong supporter.” 

To make his point, Mr. Choksi pointed out that Mr. Allen was a strong supporter of a 2006 law signed by President Bush that gave India access to U.S. civilian nuclear technology. The law, which the president persuaded Congress to help pass, reversed three decades of nonproliferation policy with India — the world’s largest democracy.