The Washington Times - August 4, 2011, 01:31PM

Despite Congress finally agreeing this week on a hard-fought compromise to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, most voters still lack confidence in national lawmakers and want to replace them all, a new polls shows.

If Americans could vote to keep or replace the entire Congress, 62 percent of likely voters say they would vote to dump all the current legislators and start over again, according to the results of a Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday. Just 15 percent say they would keep the existing Congress, while 23 percent are undecided.


It’s not just Congress in general that make voters skeptical. Just 32 percent of voters say they are even somewhat confident their own representatives in Congress are representing their best interests, the poll shows. Sixty-five percent say they don’t share that confidence.

And no matter how bad things are, 63 percent of the survey’s respondents said Congress can always find a way to make things worse. Only 20 percent disagree with this pessimistic assessment.

The national telephone survey was conducted for Rasmussen on Saturday and Sunday — just prior to Congress passing the debt limit agreement signed by President Obama on Tuesday. The margin of sampling error is plus/minus 3 percentage points, with a 95 percent level of confidence.