The Washington Times - February 7, 2011, 01:19PM

Newly minted Florida Gov. Rick Scott is presenting his proposed state budget Monday afternoon before a very interested audience. No, it’s not the state Legislature, or even a roomful of reporters at the governor’s mansion.

Instead, he’s outlining his plan at a tea party rally in rural central Florida.


And in another break from tradition, the Republican is expected to offer a two-year budget instead of an annual one, as is tradition in the Sunshine State.

Scott, who is a month into his first term, actively courted tea party voters during his successful campaign for governor last year year.

His appearance at the tea party event in Eustis — a small town outside Orlando — is viewed as a thank you gesture to the movement credited with helping him win a close election.

“I do things different. The world does not revolve around Tallahassee … that’s why I’m announcing my budget in the real world,” said Scott in a post to his official Twitter account Monday afternoon.

Scott has promised to cut up to $5 billion from the state’s current $70.5 billion budget while also giving tax breaks for businesses.

The state’s Republican-controlled legislature has the final say on the budget and is expected to fight Scott on several of his proposed cuts.