The Washington Times - January 25, 2011, 01:18PM

He’s never won an Oscar or scored a game-winning World Cup goal, but President Obama has beat out movie stars, professional athletes and other celebrities in a poll ranking the most sought-after autographs.

When asked from whom they would prefer to receive an autograph among several choices, a majority of U.S. residents — 52 percent — said they would like to get one from the president, according to results of Marist Poll released Tuesday. A professional athlete comes in a distant second with 18 percent. The poll did not specify who was president or name particular athletes or celebrities, instead asking respondents to express a preference by category.


And, while this year’s Academy Award nominees were just announced, expect only one in ten Americans clamor hardest for an autograph from an actor or actress, the survey shows. Eight percent of poll respondents say they would value highest an autograph from a rock star, while only 4 percent would most cherish the signature of a newscaster. Eight percent are unsure.

Although a plurality of younger Americans would most appreciate the president’s autograph, more older Americans have this view, the Marist Poll finds. Fifty-seven percent of those 45 or older would want the president’s autograph, while 45 percent of those younger than 45 agree. Slightly more women — 56 percent — than men — 48 percent – share this opinion.