The Washington Times - July 5, 2011, 04:29PM

Sen. Harry Reid surprised lawmakers last week by canceling the Senate’s July 4 vacation last week to fight over the budget — only to instead schedule a vote on President Obama’s troop deployment in Libya.

On Tuesday, Mr. Reid reversed course again and canceled the Libya vote, announcing the Senate will instead now turn its attention to the budget and a resolution Democrats have written that calls for wealthy taxpayers to be a part of “shared sacrifice.”


The measure is non-binding, so even if it were to pass it would amount to a symbolic step only.

The resolution calls for those earning $1 million or more to “make a more meaningful contribution to the deficit reduction effort.”

“The most important thing for us to focus on this week is the budget,” Mr. Reid said.

Last week a Senate committee approved a resolution authorizing Mr. Obama to continue to deploy troops to aid NATO’s war effort in Libya, including allowing U.S. warplanes and unmanned drones to continue striking at targets in Libya.

Mr. Obama currently is acting under authority he says extends from his duties as commander in chief of the armed forces, though many in Congress say he needs official authorization from them in order to comply with the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution.