The Washington Times - March 28, 2011, 03:24PM

Despite a Republican takeover of the House this year, voter discontent with the federal government and the leaders of the two main political parties remains high, a new poll shows.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey finds that 69 percent of likely voters remain at least somewhat angry with the current policies of the federal government, up from 65 percent last August. Only 25 percent don’t share that anger.


The findings include 38 percent who said they were “very angry,” compared with only 12 percent who said they were “not at all angry.”

In Rasmussen surveys since September 2009, those “angry” at the government has ranged from 66 percent to 75 percent, while those who said they were “very angry” has run from 33 percent to 46 percent.

The survey also showed that 57 percent of voters said neither Republican nor Democratic political leaders have a good understanding of what is needed today, while 28 percent disagree. Fifteen percent said they were undecided.

The national telephone survey of 1,000 likely voters voters was taken Saturday and Sunday. The margin of error is plus/minus 3 percentage points.