The Washington Times - March 4, 2011, 10:04AM

Sen. Dan Coats said he doesn’t agree with President Obama on much, but he appreciated the president’s comments Thursday urging the National Football League to solve its labor dispute.

The Indiana Republican, appearing on the America’s Morning News radio program Friday, said the looming NFL labor stoppage doesn’t make sense for anyone.


“The people who are going to get hurt the most here are the citizens of Indiana. and the city of Indianapolis,” he said.

“We have put millions of dollars and thousands and thousands and thousands of of hours into preparing for the Super Bowl of 2012. If this thing gets locked out, the fans … will miss the football and the players won’t get their money, but Indianapolis is going to be the big loser.

“I agree with the president. There’s enough money to spread around here to make everybody happy. It just looks like the greedy on both sides are trying to get more of the pot. These are not people who are losing money; they need to get this thing settled,” he said.

The senator, who seerved as ambassador to Germany during the George W. Bush administration, was more critical of the administration’s handling of Wednesday’s fatal attack on two U.S. airmen at Frankfurt Airport.

“I don’t know why this administration is so politically correct in that they can’t just label things for what they are. We need a lot more straight talk on this. This is terrorism and we need to call it what it is,” he told host John McCaslin.

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