The Washington Times - November 11, 2011, 12:04PM

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Someone was bound to ask Rick Perry at some point about his most memorable moment of the debate season so far.

And Sara Williams delivered, giving the three-term Texas governor and Air Force veteran a firm reminder that his brain freeze will continue to haunt him as he campaigns for president.


“Hey Rick!” the 61-year-old shouted and chuckled as she sat in a lawn chair alongside the Veterans Day parade route here, holding a sign that called for getting money out of politics. “What are the three departments you wanted to close down?”

Mr. Perry ignored the catcall from Ms. Williams, who later said she was an independent, and kept walking — at times jogging at a steady pace down to keep up with the rest of the parade.

In the debate Wednesday, Mr. Perry tried to drive home the fact that he wants to get government out of people’s live by beginning to rattle off the three federal agencies he would wipe away if elected president.

The problem is after ripping off two, he forgot the third.

Asked point blank by the moderator if he remember the third, he eventually admitted, “I can’t” and “oops.”

With some questioning whether he knew his actual economic plan and whether he is ready for prime time, the campaign went on damage control Thursday.

It included a media blitz where Mr. Perry admitted he “stepped in it,” cast his memory lapse as a human moment and suggested that he, like many Americans, would like to forget about some of the agencies of government.

Aside from Ms. Williams quip, Mr. Perry otherwise received a relatively warm reception from the thousands gathered here. Someone shouted out, “Good luck!” and another yelled, “Go Texas”.

Others held him tight as they posed together for photos.