The Washington Times - November 4, 2011, 06:43PM

One of the two women who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment in the 1990s said through her attorney Friday that she will not be airing her side of the story.

“She and her husband see no value in revisiting this matter now, now in discussing the matter any further, publicly or privately,” attorney Joel P. Bennett said in a statement that he emailed to The Washington Times. “In fact it would be extremely painful to do so.”


He closed the letter out by saying that, “my client stands by the complaints she made.”

The statement doesn’t provide any new details about the complaint that his client filed against Mr. Cain while he served as CEO of the National Restaurant Association. Mr. Bennett’s client reportedly received a financial settlement that was reported as being worth $35,000 and that bars her from talking about the allegations.

But earlier this week, it appeared that she might be interested in telling her side of the tale. Mr. Bennett requested the restaurant association to waive the confidentiality agreement that was included in the financial agreement.

The statement closes out a rocky political week for Mr. Cain, who is vying for the Republican presidential nomination. He initially denied a report that two women had lodged sexual harassment complaints against him, but later acknowledged that he remembered that a financial agreement had been made with one of the women.

Mr. Bennett also appeared on CNN’s The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer, where he suggested the charges against Mr. Cain were true.

“In almost 40 years of being a lawyer, I cannot recall anyone who has been accused of sexual harassment who said I did it,” he said. “They always deny it. Very simple.”