The Washington Times - April 12, 2012, 01:43PM

Likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney doesn’t like to be reminded of how his Massachusetts health care reform is similar to the Obama health care overhaul that he continually denounce — so a leading Democratic super PAC did just that on Thursday, releasing a new video congratulating Mr. Romney on the law’s sixth anniversary.

Put together by American Bridge 21st Century, the video features Fox News clips from 2006 after the Massachusetts law was passed where Mr. Romney defended its requirement for people to buy health coverage — even though he’s spent the past year of campaigning slamming the unpopular individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act.


“Everybody’s gonna have to buy their policy, no more free ride,” he said in one clip, set to the backdrop of the Flintstones singing “Happy Anniversary.” Asked by an anchor whether the mandate is similar to the mandatory car insurance law, Mr. Romney said it is.

“We don’t let people drive a car around without insurance because we know that if they have an accident or cause a lot of damage, it could cost the rest of us a lot of money,” he said. “The Republican approach is to say you know what, everybody should have insurance, they should pay what they can afford to pay — if they need help we’ll be there to help them — but no more free ride.”